Cancer vaccine?? What the what??

When the phrase “cancer vaccine” appeared in my inbox (YES I get nerdy emails about the latest nerd stuff), I scoffed. Yeah RIGHT let’s take a look, I told myself. People…as I live and breathe…this is really happening. I was skeptical because vaccination is so specific. Inactivated or impaired microorganisms are injected into your body … Read more

Probiotic yogurt: fact vs fiction

You know that yogurt commercial with piles of women happily munching on yogurt in a sunny field laughing about nothing? What the heck, yogurt marketers? Who are these women?? I mean….technically I’m one of them. I eat yogurt every other day. But instead of in a field, I usually shovel it in my mouth standing … Read more

Evil weevil strikes back

“Fighting fire with fire” describes the philosophy of biological control. Classically, biological control involves the introduction of an alien predator to control an alien invasive species. While there have been success stories utilizing such biological control, a recently documented case demonstrates the ability of nature to outcompete attempts of human management. As Dr. Ian Malcom says in one … Read more

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