Why it’s time to speak up

Crawling out of my lab, I cower as the sunlight blinds my sensitive, indoor eyes. Thankfully, my shiny white coat reflects the burning sun from my pale skin. My crippled pipette hand hangs limply at my side. I am a scientist. And, if can you believe it, I’m leaving the lab.

I urge fellow scientists to do the same. We must leave the lab and dispel the above stereotype! My mission is to hone my skills of science interpretation and translation. The current political climate not only feels more divided and hostile, it is quantifiable. To help bridge this gap, I want to communicate productively and combat gross rhetoric! This blog is my first tiny step out of the lab and into the light. I want to join the conversation with my fellow passionate colleagues. Bio Happy Hour will be a place for casual rumination about new scientific results, science communication and the future of science.

As the sun sets on my graduate career, I’ve thought long hours about the decision to stay at the bench. Grad school was a grueling yet rewarding experience. The first paragraph of A Tale of Two Cities sums up a PhD in Molecular Biology quite accurately. However, I’ve decided to take the plunge! Embarking on post doc interviews next week and I’m excited to check out new frontiers.

I want to a reputable, reliable and authentic scientific voice. Such as the #AAAS rallying cry, I plan to be a Force for Science!



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